A Note About Today’s Wordle Game


Just over three months have passed since The New York Times purchased Wordle – the hugely successful puzzle created by Josh Wardle. Wordle continues delighting millions of people each day. However, as we moved to The Times’s new technology, we discovered more challenges.

Some users today may find an old answer that seems to be closely related to a recent major news event. This is a complete coincidence and was not done on purpose. The original answer for today’s question was loaded in Wordle last summer.

New York Times Games takes its role as an entertainment and escape place very seriously. We want Wordle’s identity to be distinct from the news.
It can be difficult, due to the Wordle technology currently in use, to edit words that are already loaded into the game. We switched the word for as many solvers as we could when we learned last week this particular word was going to be featured today.

If you refresh your browser, the old version will not be displayed. We know some people will not do this and they’ll be forced to solve an outdated puzzle.

This is an extremely unusual situation. Wordle was built by a small group of developers for a limited number of users when we bought it in January. Now we’re busy updating Wordle’s tech so that everyone receives the same word. We’re committed to providing tens and millions of users with a consistent, gratifying experience every day.

We appreciate your patience as we make improvements to Wordle. Without our incredible community of solvers, we wouldn’t exist.

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