Hustlers University Review

Hustlers University

After spending time researching Hustlers University, I have put this review together.

Then I looked at Andrew Tate to see if he lived up to his hype. It turns out that Hustler’s University covers multiple methods to earn money online. These include copywriting, Amazon FBA, and trading.

Continue reading to learn if HU is an option worth considering.

What is Hustler’s University?

  • Hustler’s University or HU is a set of online courses designed to teach you how to make money.
  • These courses have been divided up into different “campuses”, which are accessible when you subscribe to Hustler’s University.
  • There are several campuses, including the Freelance Campus and Stocks Campus.
  • You will learn directly from Andrew Tate and other teachers whom Andrew has personally vetted.
  • The HU website states that every investment and business strategy taught is by instructors who have made over $1M using their methods. The professors have real-life experience and are not simply people with no practical knowledge.
  • Instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, such as Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Trading, Amazon FBA, etc.
  • NoBSIMReviews claims that not much has been changed in Hustlers University 3.0.

What is Hustler’s University?

  • Discord is a popular social messaging platform.
  • Hustler’s University is a “campus” that has its own Discord.
  • This is what a typical Discord looks like after you join it.
  • Discord is a powerful tool but it has some shortcomings, namely how the training for HUs within Discord is organized.

It’s not a good platform to use for the type of content produced by HU because it looks like the campus is scattered and there are different administrators at each of the locations. They often use different configurations.

The Quadrant System

You will immediately be asked to choose a quadrant when you register for Hustlers University.

  • This quadrant was designed for beginners who have less than $5000 to invest. They are expected to devote more than 28 hours per week. This is because the investors have less than $5,000 to invest.
  • The Time-Cash Poor category was created for those who have little money and are short on time. You need 28 hours of free time per week, but less than $5,000 to invest.
  • You can use this service if you have money to spend but lack the time. The requirement is that you attend for less than 28 hours per week, but still have over $5000 to invest.
  • You can invest more money if you have more time to spare.

The course is designed to help you get from where you started, all the way up to the last quadrant.

The Campuses

  • This system is very simple. Each campus focuses on a particular subject related to how to earn money online.
  • Copywriting Campus, for example, organizes its lessons into levels. You must pass a test to advance to the next level.
  • Stock is a course that requires students to take a quiz after each lesson. Since there are many, many find this tedious.
  • The quality of training varies from campus to campus.

Copywriting Classroom

Video lessons are available at the Copywriting College.

copywriting is selling with words. You can see it when you look at the text on a website, an email, or in ads. The words are written by a copywriter.

You will learn how to write copy and find high-paying clients.

The available videos often come with extra materials like PDFs and online tools. The information is easy to understand and solid.

Freelance campus

Freelance campus is another campus at HU. There are many lessons available in both video and text formats. The material is laid out by the instructor. The majority of the material is video.

Freelancing is selling skills. Through HU you can learn to charge a higher price for tasks like translating eBooks or editing videos.

Andrew and his teachers teach you how to create a loyal client list using the most efficient methods.

It will not show all threads right away. The content of the course is structured well. This only happens once you have completed all of the lessons or pressed the required button to continue. The campus is much more understandable.

Amazon FBA Campus

You will also learn much from the Amazon FBA campus. You can see all of the videos and text materials.

Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon stands as Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon FBA is a service that allows you to sell your products online while Amazon takes care of handling the warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping.

Andrew will show you the best ways to dominate your competitors and find profitable products.

Stocks Campus

Stocks Campus teaches you to trade options. The name is a little misleading (although it does touch on stocks). The program starts well, and many quizzes will gauge your progress.

You can learn to increase your stock portfolio. You are taught to apply technical analysis to identify situations with a greater upside potential than downside.

Trading stocks and options will allow you to profit.

Most of the material is presented in a text-based format. However, most participants feel that they could have benefitted from more videos.

Crypto Campus

Crypto Campus has a similar layout to Stocks but with more visuals and without the need to take a quiz before moving on to the next section.

You can choose from cryptocurrencies, De-Fi, or NFTs.

The tutor will look at the crypto market from three angles: long-term, mid-term, and short-term.

E-commerce campus

Many people complain that the E-Com Campus is difficult to navigate. The majority of the lessons are text-based.

Selling products online involves this campus. You will learn how to create the best store and drive traffic to your site.

You can choose whether to dropship or use private labeling. The process has been simplified from no prior experience to having a successful online store.

The videos are presented in a slideshow. The lessons contain a lot of practical information.

Business & Finance

This program teaches you to take control of all aspects of your business, including hiring and finance. Many online programs don’t offer this kind of training.

You will also learn how to scale your business up to seven figures.


You will learn here why it is so important to think like a billionaire if you wish to become one.

Professors are here to help you reprogram your mind with powerful mental hacks that have led them to success.

Affiliate Program
  • Hustler’s University offers basic training in affiliate marketing. This course is useful to teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • There are no videos here, only text. The main focus is on how you can promote HU using the affiliate links that they supply.
  • It may sound as if you are joining a multilevel marketing company, but an affiliate marketing campus doesn’t force anyone to do so or promote HU.
  • Andrew Tate stopped his affiliate program when he was banned from using social media.

For whom is Hustler’s University designed?

Andrew Tate, the founder of HU, markets HU as a program for complete beginners to earn money online and achieve financial independence.

He has tailored the training to suit every level of skill. His teachings are geared towards complete beginners as well as people with some experience who want to improve.

He makes the unrealistic claim that he will have you making money from day one. This is not realistic, especially for those who are new to business. It will take some time to absorb the lessons and establish themselves in the world of business.

Hustler’s University, if you think about it, is ideal for Andrew Tate fans. The Hustler’s University is primarily for those who want to learn about the various ways to make money on the internet.

Hustler’s University is for you if Andrew Tate’s story resonates.

A closer look at Andrew Tate.

  • Hustler’s University is often scrutinized because Andrew Tate is the person behind the whole thing. He’s quite controversial, to say the least.
  • Andrew Tate has been criticized by many people in social media and other circles of influence for what he said or (allegedly) did.
  • His controversial views on socially sensitive issues have made him a household name.
  • He is often accused of spreading a misogynistic, violent worldview to his impressionable audience.
  • Andrew Tate is a huge online celebrity despite these allegations. The people who like him praise him, while those who dislike him criticize his courses and harshly attack him.

Hustler University student testimonials?

  • You’ll need to find out if the Hustlers University students achieve what they are told.
  • The reviews on the information page for the course aren’t very convincing. The majority of the reviews will praise this course, but only a handful are believable.
  • You can find reviews on Trustpilot.
  • The positive feedback for Andrew Tate that you will find on Trustpilot is likely to come from people who are his fans or affiliates.
  • It’s all about whether or not he will help you earn money online.

This is an example of praise:

It’s legit. I am a member. It is real. I was initially skeptical, but now it’s a fact. After a mere week of being a member, I have started sending out emails to attract clients. In a few weeks, I will be learning to create ads and business pages. My emails are getting better every day. It is important to focus and absorb all the information provided. You can also post your work in a chat to receive feedback and get other people’s opinions.

Students of Hustler University continue to report positive results despite all the bad press that Andrew and his supporters have received.

You can find some online.

You’ll note that the reported incomes of many students are higher than HU’s price. The training must be effective if the students are willing to put in some effort.

Hustler’s University Price?

  • Hustler’s University charges a monthly fee of $49,99. You can cancel at any time.
  • If you take a course over 24 months and pay the same price, then you will spend $1176 on training alone.
  • Some campuses will charge you extra fees that are not disclosed until after you have joined.
  • These expenses, for example, are mentioned in numerous threads on Discord.

Does Hustler’s University offer a discount?

There is no discount code field at the Hustler’s University check-out.

The full course price is payable.

Hustler’s University’s Refund Policy

  • Hustlers University does not offer refunds.
  • Canceling your subscription is only possible if you cancel it before your membership renews for another month.
  • It is important to read all the cancellation terms before you sign up. For example, here are some of the terms and conditions:
  • You would be kicked out of the discord if you had paid $50 on May 1, canceled on May 2, and rejoined on May 31, You could also pay $50 to join the discord on May 1, and then cancel on May 31, and be removed on May 31st.
  • You’ll find that other platforms and courses offer similar terms, so it is prudent to read them before signing up.
  • You’ll avoid the frustration of not knowing the correct terms and being involved with something that does not work as you expected.

The Hustlers University Community

  • The HU excels at creating a sense of community.
  • Every day, they have provided a space where thousands of students can share their successes, ask questions, and offer advice to each other.
  • Andrew Tate loves to create communities. To his credit, Andrew Tate has brought so many people together who share the same values.
  • One of the biggest complaints about the campus and community is the amount of scrolling required.
  • It’s especially important for larger/more popular campuses because it can be difficult to search through all the content.

The Pros and Cons of Hustler’s University

  • This course covers many topics.
  • Get started for a low price
  • Students’ success stories are common.
  • There is a vibrant private community.
  • This training is both practical and step-by-step.

Cons of Hustler’s University

  • On the sales page, they don’t list any additional costs.
  • Some people claim that online shopping is a simple way to earn money. This isn’t true.
  • It can be difficult to navigate the content.
  • The company does not offer any refunds.
  • Andrew Tate is quite controversial.

Is Hustlers University Legit or a Scam?

Hustler’s University has a good reputation and is free of unrealistic promises, especially in the materials. Andrew stresses that it’s not a scheme to make you rich quickly. You have to work hard for results. You’ll learn how to start and manage legitimate businesses.

Some people still make it sound easy but these are rare.

  • This course has been criticized for not covering so many topics. However, other online courses cover more information.
  • It can seem overwhelming to most newbies. You can easily get distracted by “shiny objects” and jump from one to the next.
  • This is a problem that usually occurs with people who are new to the online world. It is best to stay with the campus that you started on. You’re likely to make a decent income within a few weeks or even months if you learn the skills that are taught.
  • You can use your progress on a campus to gain access to other campuses that have similar content.

Was Hustlers University Worth it?

  • Hustler’s University is a good investment if you enjoy Andrew Tate’s style or are open to his point of view and want to learn more from him.
  • You will also find mentors, good processes, and some useful tips. There is also a vibrant private community.
  • You can try the service for one month and decide if it is worth your money.
  • Hustler’s University is not for you if Andrew Tate’s views are offensive to you.

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